About me

Born up north in Michigan, I was drawing and sketching just about anytime I wasn't out in the snow or chasing the neighbor kids around with my Shogun Warrior. My childhood could be characterized by a few things you could always find me doing, drawing, cycling, martial arts, and spending copious amounts of time on the computer. Jump forward to High School where I started designing for local business, and while in the Marine Corps where I received a service award for my work in designing and creating dynamic presentations and training materials for my unit.

Since then, I have worked as a freelance designer, interactive developer in a small digital agency, and the lead designer for a multinational corporation, and have honed my skills into a balanced amalgam of designer and developer; a designer who also codes.

About Perubique Media

Perubique Media was born of the desire to create compelling work on the web using emerging technologies which at the time was Macromedia Flash. The work quickly broadened to encompass a wider array of projects and clients than just those seeking to make a Flash site, and I quickly became immersed in standards oriented development. Under Perubique Media I have worked for small local businesses and artists as well as Fortune 500 companies creating unique interactive content and websites.

As new technologies and platforms emerged, so did the projects and my interests in development. The iPhone and building mobile applications is a platform that caught my attention early on, and I have developed FIB-U-LATOR and Karate Chapp apps which are currently in the Apple AppStore. The mobile platform is an amazing space to be developing in, and I am passionate about designing amazing tools for this market.

What now?

With so many exciting things going on with social media, the mobile web, and device specific applications that it's easy to get overwhelmed and get locked into a feedback loop of indecision. Let me help you. Take a look around, send me an email - let's talk. I'm just about always online, and I'm pretty easy to get ahold of.... So what are you working on that I can help you with?


Dynamic Design

I take your vision and turn it into a digital reality with over a decade of experience.

  • Standards Oriented CSS Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Flash Design

Clean Coding

Standards oriented coding means that your site is SEO friendly, easy to maintain, and renders cleanly free of errors.

  • CSS based design/development
  • Maintainable
  • Clean cross-browser rendering

Flash & Video

Rich interactive experiences or simple streaming audio and video widgets - just what you need; not more.

  • Quick-loading, optimized projects
  • Standards based approach
  • Scaleable and maintainable